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Deli Culture in Stockholm

Deli Culture in Stockholm

New York’s Deli Culture with a Swedish twist

From Östermalm to NYC: Experiencing Stockholm's Unique Deli-Inspired Dining Scene

Experience a Fusion of New York's Deli Charm with a Swedish Twist in Stockholm's district of Östermalm. Nestled in the heart of Östermalm, two eateries draw inspiration from the vibrant deli culture of New York but add a distinct Swedish flavor - Schmaltz Bar & Delikatess and Teddys. When the snow falls in the city and the cold sets in, these venues are like cozy hideaways, welcoming you with a friendly and warm atmosphere.

Both Schmaltz and Teddys offer intimate spaces, perfect for impromptu visits. Whether you're seeking treats to take home from the deli, engaging in lively conversations over drinks, or indulging in a delicious dinner, these spots cater to your desires. Yet, each restaurant has a unique menu theme, promising diverse culinary adventures that I'll delve into shortly.

Schmaltz Bar & Delikatess

Schmaltz Bar & Deli masters the art of a sandwich; it's more than just bread and fillings. Drawing inspiration from New York's Jewish culinary heritage, the menu features, among many things, classics like the Reuben Sandwich, a mouthwatering ensemble of pastrami, sauerkraut, mustard, Russian dressing, and Emmental cheese. For a comforting treat, opt for half a Reuben paired with traditional Jewish chicken soup - a surefire way to warm up after braving the cold. From breakfast to dinner, accompanied by a selection of fine wines and an array of pickles, pâtés, and charcuterie, Schmaltz offers a bustling yet cozy dining experience. And for the perfect conclusion to your meal, choose from two to three high-quality cakes for dessert. Imagine savoring a "Sachertarta," a chocolate cake filled with apricot jam, or a "Medovyk," a Ukrainian honey cake adorned with walnuts, caramelized honey, blackberries, and cream. Located on Nybrogatan, why not stop by before catching a show at the Royal Dramatic Theatre?


As for Teddy's, my recent visit left me enchanted with its charm. A sibling to the restaurant E&G, this newly opened restaurant exudes a laid-back vibe. While you can't reserve a table, waiting at the bar comes with perks - imagine being offered fresh oysters and delightful drinks as you await your meal. The tantalizing display of delicacies behind the counter only adds to the anticipation. What struck me was the diverse and stylish crowd, a mix of guests of all ages converging for drinks, dinner, or simply to mingle with familiar faces. The ambiance was a medley of trendy coats, leopard jackets, chic Prada bags, alongside an elderly gentleman in a tweed cap engrossed in a crossword, all enjoying a glass of champagne in their own corner.

Contrasting with Schmaltz, Teddy's cuisine leans towards British influences. It's a deli with a Swedish twist and British flair. The appetizer that stole the show for me was their ingenious snack set - for example a mountain serving a compote of chips and charcuterie. Following that, I relished an impeccably crafted pie with a delightful crust filled with confit duck, served alongside an exquisite sauce. My companion opted for the perfectly cooked rimmed salmon paired with dill-infused potatoes. Complementing our meal was an exceptional selection of wines. I wholeheartedly recommend Teddy's, a rising star in Stockholm's dining scene that's set to become a beloved fixture.