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Three Tasty Italians

Three Tasty Italians

Buon Appetito: Uncovering the Best Italian Flavors in Stockholm

Let me introduce you to my top three picks for Italian restaurants in Stockholm. Each of these places brings something special to the table, but what unites them is their incredible flavors and the immersive atmosphere they provide.

Den Gamle och Havet

Located at Tulegatan 27 in Vasastan, The Old Man and the Sea is a charming restaurant run by father and son, Sergio and Christian Campogiani. They offer top-notch Italian cuisine that's prepared with love. The menu at this picturesque place is ever-changing but includes some signature dishes. Whenever I dine here, I make sure to start with "Scampi in Padella con Burro," which features crawfish with butter, garlic, and parsley. It's one of their classics that never disappoints.

Unlike many other Italian restaurants in town, The Old Man and the Sea doesn't solely focus on pasta. Instead, they emphasize "Secondis" – main courses featuring various options of fish, meat, and vegetarian dishes. While their pasta is always excellent, I highly recommend exploring other menu options, as you won't find them elsewhere in town. The menu showcases their dedication to flavor and authenticity. They even encourage diners who are sensitive to seasoning to inform the kitchen, as they won't compromise on taste.

The restaurant has a pleasant vibe with just the right amount of buzz. It's usually busy, but you can still have a good conversation. It's a great place for a date night or celebrating a birthday. The main dishes are around SEK 300, which might sound a bit on the pricey side, but they come in generous portions, so you definitely get your money's worth. The service is pretty standard but dependable. Ultimately, The Old Man and the Sea is all about the culinary experience - if you decide to check it out, you're in for a foodgasm. My tip: make sure to book a table well ahead of time!


Gazza, situated near Mariatorget on Södermalm, is a charming place that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout the week. At Gazza, they get creative with their dishes, offering unique combinations like Gnochetti with butter foam, roasted almonds, and caviar. It's a cozy, trendy place with an option to dine near the open kitchen or outside on benches and tables along the lively Hornsgatan.

During my last visit, I tried their wild boar ragout with rosemary and chili, as well as their ravioli with taleggio cheese, wild mushrooms, fried sage, and balsamic vinegar. Both dishes were exceptional, featuring hand-cut pasta with a rustic texture and perfect chewiness. Gazza's menu includes snacks, starters, four pasta dishes, and three desserts – a relatively concise menu but filled with tempting options.

They offer a good selection of wines by the glass, half, or full decanters. One minor drawback is that their main courses are relatively small and priced at around SEK 250 each. Despite this, it's well worth a visit for its exciting and excellent food, as well as its welcoming ambiance. Highly recommended. You'll find Gazza at Hornsgatan 66, on the corner of Timmermansgatan.

Santo da Roma

Santo da Roma is a Roman restaurant divided into two levels. On the ground floor, you'll discover a bar and a Italian deli where you can purchase various delicacies, including cheese, charcuterie, olive oil and homemade pasta. Venture upstairs, and you'll step into a classic Roman trattoria with an open kitchen, white tablecloths, and candlelit tables. If you're planning a Sunday dinner with the family, this is the place to go.

Their menu beckons you to try one of the four traditional pasta dishes from Rome: Amatriciana, Carbonara, Cacio e Pepe, or Gricia – all prepared to perfection. I've also had their beef tartare for starters, and it was equally delicious. Santo da Roma's sommelier is not afraid to challenge your taste buds, who will take you on an exceptional wine experience as well. See pictures below for tips on both food and wine!

Please share your best Italian culinary experience in Stockholm!