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New Nordic Cuisine in Stockholm

New Nordic Cuisine in Stockholm

Exploring New Nordic Cuisine in Stockholm, Lilla Ego and Hantverket, emerge as distinguished dining establishments, both delivering exceptional food and service. Yet, their flavors bear a striking resemblance, prompting the question: is a visit to just one sufficient during your time in Stockholm?

Aligned with the principles of New Nordic Cuisine, both kitchens showcase Nordic flavors, highlighting raw ingredients in their culinary creations. Both restaurants can be counted as a fine dining experience, as both prices and service reach the high level.

Lilla Ego

Led by the renowned Chef, Tom Sjöstedt, "Lilla Ego" is celebrated for its creative, seasonal dishes. The unassuming ambiance creates the perfect backdrop for an exceptional dining experience. The menu adheres to the classic format of starters, main courses, and desserts.

To my slight disappointment, the main courses turn out to be of similar sizes to the starters, maintaining a higher price. Nevertheless, each dish upholds a consistently high standard, showcasing the chef's exceptional skill. Despite this minor observation, the entire dining experience remains delightful. 

  • Personal favorites on the menu: the Herring and Pork side.

Reflecting its fame, booking a table is an art, with reservations opening 30 days in advance at midnight and often sold out by morning the next day.

Summary: While lacking extravagant flavor combinations, the dishes were relatively similar to those found in other restaurants within New Nordic Cuisine in Stockholm. Lilla Ego, nonetheless, is worth a visit. But tone down the expectations and try the drop in seats at the bar. See pictures for inspiration!


"Hantverket", meaning "craftmanship" in Swedish, seamlessly integrates this theme into its design and dishes. Despite its popularity and the challenge of securing a table, the wait time is not as long as at Lilla Ego, usually less than a month.

The ambiance blends luxury with a touch of a Swedish log cabin feel. The menu varies with each order, offering an impressive selection of wines to complement each course—don't hesitate to ask the staff for recommendations. While all the dishes were excellent, the signature starter, Fried “Hasselbacks” with Roe, fell short. It arrived promptly but was served cold and lacked appeal. It seems to be a dish readily available, possibly ordered frequently.

  • Personal favorites from the menu include the "Struva," The Raw Beef, and the Cold Green Tomato Soup with Cucumber. 

In summary, I'd revisit Hantverket, eagerly anticipating an updated menu. It's recommended to make a reservation in advance when planning your visit. The next visit for me in the New Nordic Cuisine category in Stockholm will be Portal, and I'll return with a review!