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Visit China in Stockholm

Visit China in Stockholm
Photo by Henry & Co. / Unsplash

Genuine Chinese food can be hard to find in Sweden - but fear not, I have hearty recommendations for your next visit in Stockholm.

Surfers - Popular concept restaurant

  • Atmosphere: Cool, trendy & fun.
  • Serving Style: Shareable small plates or set tasting menus.
  • Highlights: Diverse dishes from Sichuan, Xinjiang, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. Impressive Chinese alcohol selection. Don't miss Biang Biang noodles.
  • Pricing: $$$
  • Location: Östermalm

EatEast - Traditional Chinese "husmanskost" with a focus on Sichuan flavors.

  • Atmosphere: Rustic charm and simplicity, reminiscent of a local Chinese eatery.
  • Serving Style: Individual main courses showcasing bold flavors.
  • Highlights: Sichuan spices
  • Pricing: $$
  • Location: Kungsholmen


As you enter, you'll be guided into a dimly lit space adorned with detailed Chinese décor, rice paper lamps dangling from the ceiling, and a window into the bustling kitchen full of boiling hot pots. Chinese ceramics and rice wine glasses await at your table. The only thing off with the setting is the newly produced american pop music coming from the speakers, you would expect some more traditional chinese tones here.

Choose from an array of smaller dishes to share with friends or opt for their set tasting menus. The menu is inspired from Sichuan, Xinjiang, Shanghai and Hong Kong and my My absolute favorite dish on the menu, Biang Biang noodles, Hand-pulled noodles with cumin lamb, should not be left out when ordering. 

Surfers is also at the top in Scandinavia of serving Chinese alcohol! Following Surfers offers not only the food experience but you can also try out:

  • Baijiu and Shaoxing tasting for 395 SEK per person. 
  • Tea ceremony “Kungfu-style” for 295 SEK per person


At Kungsholmen, you'll discover a hidden gem of a Chinese authentic restaurant. Led by head chef Tran, recipient of the prestigious Traditional Chinese Food Prize in 2005, this establishment remains true to its roots. With years of experience in Sichuan cuisine, Tran refuses to compromise on flavor to suit the Swedish palates. At EatEast, "hot" on the menu isn't a mere suggestion; it's a promise of Sichuan-level heat that transcends typical Swedish standards.

At EatEast you find a diverse selection of hot pots to delicacies like poached frog legs, pig intestines, duck - served with bones and all, every bite is a reminder of the culinary traditions.

Compared to Surfers, EatEast features a simpler decor and presentation, while still highlighting authentic Sichuan flavors.