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Hommage to Wood Stockholm

Hommage to Wood Stockholm

Wood Stockholm

A Personal Favorite and a Culinary MUST-Visit!

In my opinion, “Wood Stockholm” is a must-visit in Stockholm located at Mosebacke torg, where dining becomes an adventure! This hidden gem of a restaurant doesn't just change its decor; it reinvents itself every 12 weeks, ensuring each visit is a surprise.

Transport yourself through time and tastes. Picture a journey to a '90s wonderland, surrounded by Pamela Anderson posters and grooving to Backstreet Boys tunes. Alternatively, immerse yourself in unexpected themes like "On the Rails of the Trans-Siberian Railway" or their latest "Sports" theme. The menu undergoes a transformation too, offering a taste of history with a burger from the first McDonald's in Stockholm during the '90s to slurping down World Cup Oysters in their current Sports theme.

And let's not forget the stellar staff! These folks aren't just serving food; they're your guides through this culinary rollercoaster. With their expertise, they'll ensure your dining experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

So, whether you're a '90s kid at heart or a sports enthusiast seeking a savory adventure, "Wood Stockholm" promises an unforgettable dining escapade every time. The upcoming theme? TOKYO! One thing's for sure: it'll be a delicious ride!